Painless normal delivery in Indore refers to a childbirth method that aims to minimize the pain and discomfort associated with labor and delivery while allowing for a natural and vaginal delivery. Dr. Sheela Chhabra, a notable obstetrician in Indore, is known for her expertise in this approach. Painless delivery techniques often involve the use of epidural anesthesia, which numbs the lower half of the body, providing relief from labor pains. This method allows mothers to actively participate in the birthing process and promotes a positive childbirth experience. Dr. Sheela Chhabra employs modern medical practices and personalized care to ensure a smooth and comfortable delivery for expectant mothers in Indore.

We call it epidural analgesia. Pain is the reason to have an epidural and whenever your pain is significant you can request an epidural. Epidural isn’t necessary for you to have delivery, but it can help reduce the pain of labor.

Epidural is a small injection placed in your lower back, through which a small tube (the size of a twine) is put into your back side near the nerves carrying pain from the uterus. fine tube (epidural catheter). Medicines can be given through injections through this tube to relieve the pain of labor. These medicines are domestic anesthetics that create numbness of the nerves and pain sensation without affecting the capability to move. These medicines are also really safe for the baby. With an epidural in place, you may feel the contractions, but they won’t be painful that much. All the same, you’ll feel some pressure symptoms and some tightness with contractions. It’s given by an anesthetist who’s trained in doing so. The anesthesiologist and your nurse will check that the epidural is working well throughout.

All women in labour who need pain relief can have an epidural, except those on blood thinning medicines or abnormal blood tests.

Sometimes, an epidural may not work as well as we’d like it to. However, the anaesthesiologist will help by giving excess dosages or changing your position or the catheter position, If this happens. However, the procedure has to be repeated (by placing the epidural catheter again), If it still doesn’t work. Dr Sheela Chhabra has a good percentage ratio of normal delivery compared to cesarean delivery in Indore (C-section).

Dr. Sheela Chhabra, a renowned gynecologist in Indore, specializes in facilitating painless normal deliveries, prioritizing the well-being of both mother and child. With extensive expertise, she employs modern techniques to ensure a smooth and comfortable birthing experience. Dr. Chhabra’s approach combines personalized care, advanced medical interventions, and emotional support, fostering a supportive environment for expectant mothers. Her commitment to promoting natural childbirth aligns with the principles of painless delivery, minimizing discomfort through tailored pain management strategies. Patients commend Dr. Sheela Chhabra for her compassionate care, making her a trusted choice for those seeking a positive and painless normal delivery in Indore.

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