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Pregnancy in diabetes:

Pregnancy in diabetes involves managing blood glucose levels to mitigate risks for both mother and baby. Pre-existing diabetes requires careful preconception planning, while gestational diabetes, arising during pregnancy, demands close monitoring. Complications include birth injuries, respiratory distress, and increased maternal and neonatal health risks, necessitating personalized care and regular medical supervision.

Effects, risks & causes:

Having high blood glucose, also called high blood sugar can harm your baby considerably within the first weeks of the pregnancy. It may happen that before even you know that you are pregnant your baby will be affected by the blood sugar on your body. If you are having diabetes and high blood sugar do consult a doctor immediately. It helps the baby and you to stay healthy. A baby’s organs such as the heart, kidney, brain, and lungs start developing during the first weeks of pregnancy. Having high glucose can be harmful to your baby and can affect the organs drastically. Having High glucose while carrying a baby increases the chances that your baby will have birth flaws. For your high blood sugar, the baby may weigh more than a normal newborn the baby may born too early, have breathing problems etc. Fairly, hormonal and many other ratios change when you are carrying a baby, your blood glucose levels can fluctuate enormously within this period.

Pregnancy in high blood pressure


High blood pressure, also known as hypertension is a condition where blood pressure is higher than 140/90 mm Hg. High blood pressure can create serious consequences for some pregnant women.

Effects, risks & causes:

High blood pressure during pregnancy is not always hazardous. But it can create serious health-related consequences for both the mother and the baby. Numerous reasons can result in high blood pressure during pregnancy. For example, smoking, and consuming alcohol can increase blood pressure drastically during pregnancy. It also negatively affects the baby a lot. It is highly not recommended to consume any of this during your pregnancy. Being overweight or carrying more than one baby or after a certain age carrying a baby can cause high blood pressure. An unsanitary and casual lifestyle during pregnancy can lead to hypertension. Women getting pregnant for the first time can have high blood pressure. High blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to some diverse complications like preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, etc. These things can harm the organs like liver, and kidneys and can cause eclampsia, which can be fatal. Vomiting and headaches may happen due to high blood pressure during pregnancy. High blood pressure can be controlled by doing proper diet and exercise. Maintaining a proper lifestyle eating a suitable diet and doing various exercises during pregnancy.

Pregnancy in thyroid


Particularly, thyroid hormones are an essential part of a fatal to grow through the first 3 months. It may happen that the thyroid gland is not producing enough thyroid hormone, which can lead to hypothyroidism. During pregnancy, checking and monitoring thyroid levels is a necessity, it helps a pregnant woman to maintain the thyroid level during this period. Thyroid hormone plays a very important role; it helps the baby to grow the brain and the nervous system.

Treatment, risk & causes

Mainly, there are two primary hormones hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and estrogen, these hormones can assist the thyroid levels to go up. If a pregnant woman has a case of hypothyroidism before, she should check her and monitor her thyroid levels frequently. Fairly, Pregnancy can cause various symptoms related to hypothyroidism like incessant vomiting and weight loss. During the pregnancy, of course you should consult a physician to handle this matter carefully. Casual routine and lack of proper awareness can result in many thyroid diseases. Untreated thyroid diseases may lead to innumerable consequences like miscarriage, premature birth of the baby, preeclampsia, and significant weight loss of the baby. There are various symptoms of hypothyroidism like stern nausea or vomiting and irregular heartbeat. There are various methods to control thyroid levels, using antithyroid medication will help to block the thyroid hormone drastically. So it will be under control during pregnancy.

Pregnancy with epilepsy


Having epilepsy during pregnancy stimulates distinctive apprehensions. A lot of pregnant women deliver healthy babies while having epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, and convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Treatment, risk, and symptoms

If you want a baby while having epilepsy, some questions may arise in your brain is it safe to get pregnant while having epilepsy? Or If you get pregnant can you manage to control those seizures? Is it too difficult to conceive while having epilepsy? Are those antiseizure medicines going to harm your baby? Well, most woman with epilepsy gives birth to a perfect and healthy baby without any problems. With proper precautions, your probability of having a healthy baby increases up to 90%. There are some amplified consequences, but with proper medical checkups and advice, it can be controlled. Women with epilepsy have a higher probability of getting some aliments that can cause infertility. One of those conditions is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Some antiseizure drugs may affect the hormone level which can directly affect the reproductive operations. If you can’t control the seizure, it can affect fertility as well. Having seizures during pregnancy can affect the baby. Consult with a doctor before getting pregnant so the doctor can give you the suitable medicine with the least effect on the baby to control seizures.

Pregnancy with liver and kidney diseases                                         

Pregnancy with liver diseases

While pregnant having liver diseases can create a hefty challenge for the doctors. There are some liver diseases which specifically associated with pregnancy. For example, hyperemesis gravidarum, hemolysis elevated liver enzymes and low platelets syndrome (HELLP), etc. Pregnancy can happen while having any chronic liver disease, including a woman having portal and cirrhosis hypertension. On the other hand, viral hepatitis can happen during pregnancy. Counseling a doctor would be the best-case scenario, before getting pregnant just discuss the problem with the doctors so they can provide you with medicine with minimal side effects and maximum results. Most problems associated with liver diseases are treated in the non-pregnant patient.

Pregnancy with kidney diseases

Kidney diseases can form into serious issues while pregnant. For a woman, being pregnant she has to go through a lot of stress. If you have a kidney disease or kidney failure, it can put your and your baby’s vigor in danger.  If you are having any kind of kidney disease and thinking of a new baby, consult with your doctor before considering a child. By consulting, your doctor can help you make a concrete decision based on your present health condition. Different stages of kidney disease affect the baby differently according to the amount of damage a woman is carrying.

Pregnancy with previous multiple abortions


For a woman one of the happiest moments is being a mother. The moment she realizes that she is carrying a child, it’s the cheeriest moment for her. Thus, for some events it come at the wrong time or brings sad news with it, In a situation like this many pregnancies lead to an abortion. Abortion is a medical or surgical process where doctors end the pregnancy so the upcoming baby can’t be born.

Effect and reasons

The reasons can vary from person to person. It may happen due to many personal reasons or there are fatal risks related to the health of the mother or baby’s incurable health after birth. Do multiple abortions lead to some problems regarding future pregnancies? Fortunately, multiple abortions do not affect future pregnancies or don’t create any complications concerning infertile issues. Abortion is done by keeping in mind all the safeties for the mother, following all the procedures will not create any issues regarding future pregnancy. Yet, as we know all medical surgeries involve a certain degree of risk, and abortion is no exception. During the surgery, doctors follow all the procedures to make sure the mother is safe. If the process and steps are not followed properly according to the terms of an abortion, it may create problems in the future regarding future pregnancies.

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