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Laparoscopy in Indore also known as to as diagnostic laparoscopy is a surgical procedure used for examining the internal organs of the belly. A laparoscope principally refers to a telescope that’s fitted through the abdominal cavity by making small incisions. This important means of delivering light coupled with a tube camera provides the surgeon with a clear view of abdominal and pelvic organs. To optimize the vision during operation videotape camera is connected to a high-resolution screen. Further, the surgeon can also alter the laparoscope and other external instruments for performing complicated gynecological operations. Due to the exaggeration of internal organs through this procedure, gynecologist doctors are suitable to effortlessly identify and treat the main areas of affection. Also, the procedure aids in reducing the bleeding during surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery benefits:

  • Minor cuts and scars.
  • Minor pain
  • Shorter recovery.
  • Reduced chances of getting post-operative infections.

Laparoscopic procedure is best suited for:

  • Discarding of Endometriosis
  • Ovarian cyst
  • Hysterectomies
  • Discarding of fibroids
  • Discarding tubes or ovaries
  • Bladder neck suspension for incontinence
  • Infertility Surgery
  • Pelvic floor repair for prolapsed
  • Discarding parts of the intestines

Dr. Sheela Chhabra stands out as one of the premier gynecologists in Indore, renowned for her expertise in laparoscopic surgery in Indore. With her meticulous approach and advanced surgical skills, she has transformed the landscape of gynecological care in the region. Laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive technique, is her specialty, allowing for precise diagnoses and treatments with minimal discomfort and shorter recovery times for her patients.

Her dedication to women’s health is evident in her compassionate care and commitment to excellence. Patients seeking the best gynecologist in Indore often turn to Dr. Chhabra for her unparalleled expertise and personalized approach to each case. Through her innovative techniques and patient-centered care, she has earned a reputation as a trusted healthcare provider in the community. Dr. Sheela Chhabra continues to set the standard for excellence in gynecological care, making a significant impact on the lives of countless women in Indore and beyond.


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Located in Indore, India Dr. Sheela Chhabra is a certified OB/GYN specializing in Gynecology Total Wellness for women & teens, & has helped plenty of women in the high-risk pregnancy phase of their lives for over 10 years.

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